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CRISR 2024: June 20-23, somewhere in and around the San Juan Islands of Washington State!

Captain Raynaud International Schooner Race

Captain Adrian Raynaud loved the sea and all its trades. His story is virtually the story of seafaring. It stretches from his youth as an apprentice sailmaker in San Francisco and his first voyage around Cape Horn in 1909, to his work with youth sail training and the restoration of the 1913 B.B. Crowninshield schooner Adventuress.


The Captain Raynaud International Schooner Race is a celebration of the camaraderie and passion of those of us who maintain and enjoy traditional sailing craft. The emphasis of this event is the joy and challenge of sailing these vessels under a variety of circumstances. We encourage sailors of all experience levels to attend, and any schooner is welcome to race - the fleet includes classic wood-hulled, full-displacement sailboats as well as modern vessels, gaff rigs as well as staysail rigs.

The CRISR race is a multi-day, multi-leg destination schooner racing event in the Pacific Northwest, alternating between the San Juan Islands of Washington and Gulf Islands in British Columbia. All schooners are welcome. This is a non entry fee event, though donations are cheerfully accepted. We anticipate an expense of approximately $1000. Burgees are around $35 apiece. Any funds donated beyond the cost of the event will go directly to youth scholarships for sail training.

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