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The 24th Annual CRISR

June 20-23, 2024

October 16, 2023

Save the dates! 


The 24th(ish) Annual(ish) Captain Raynaud International Schooner Race will take place in and around the San Juan Islands from June 20-23rd (Friday-Sunday), 2024!!


It’s a US year and we are planning on hanging out mostly in the San Juans, but may start or finish the race in Port Townsend if there’s interest in that, exact race itinerary TBA. (To that end, if you have particular ideas/wants/hopes for the race, please let me know!) 


As usual, the Zodiac will be hosting an all-crews potluck get-together and awards ceremony the last evening of the race. By popular demand, we will be racing classes again with a trophy for the overall winner, but as usual the race rules are pretty simple: your vessel must have a schooner rig to participate, don’t hit other vessels, protests will be ignored, and if you’re going cheat, at least have fun and be creative. Burgees and class awards provided!


We don’t have a day built in for buddy boating next year and are planning on racing all three days, but for anyone interested, the Zodiac will be leaving from Bellingham the day before the race (June 19) and returning to Bellingham the day after the race (June 24) and would love to sail in company with any schooners that happen to be in the neighborhood.


Hope y’all are doing well and getting to enjoy some time on your schooners!





PS. If you know of any schooner folks who aren’t (or might not be) on the mailing list for CRISR, or if you're reading this and aren't on my mailing list, please get in touch!

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