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The 24th Annual CRISR

July 14-17, 2023

November 9, 2022 Update:

The 2023 Captain Raynaud International Schooner Race (CRISR) is officially scheduled!


The race will start Friday, July 14, just outside of Victoria! There will be a pre-race social gathering in Victoria the evening of the 13th, and captain's meeting the morning of the 14th.


Exact times/legs TBA but we'll be racing up to, and then through, the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, returning to the south end of the islands, probably Narvaez Bay, July 17. Either four days of racing, or three days of racing, one day of buddy sailing in the middle.


As always, the race rules are simple: 

No classes. You must have a schooner rig to participate

The winning vessel gets to keep/display/zealously guard the gorgeous CRISR trophy for a year

Hitting other vessels or impeding commercial traffic is prohibited

Protests will be ignored

If you’re going to cheat, at least be creative!


There will be burgees for participating vessels!


Zodiac will be hosting a post-race party and potluck for all participating crews. This event will occur on the Zodiac the evening of the 17th.

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