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The 24th Annual CRISR

June 21-23, 2024

March 8, 2024

Hi folks!

Hopefully y’all marked your calendars months ago, but it’s time to get serious about the 2024 Captain Raynaud International Schooner Race!

What: Fun and sailing and racing and maybe some beer
When: June 21-23, 2024 (Friday-Sunday) 
Where: San Juan Islands
Why: Because we can!

Tentative plan looks something like this. Input certainly welcome!
*June 21: Convene at Fish Creek Bight (south end of Griffin Bay). An old-school “beach start” has been proposed! That would entail the race starting with one member of each crew standing on the beach. On the starting mark, said crew member hops nimbly into their skiff and ROWS out to their schooner. Once the crew member is aboard, the schooner’s crew may start hauling anchor and raising sail! Ride the flood up towards Friday Harbor, depending on wind and our general mood, maybe race north a ways past FH and then return, or maybe call it a day at Reid Rock. Overnight anchorage at Parks Bay.
*June 22: It’s flooding most of the day Saturday so we’ll head north! Up San Juan Channel and President Channel, to Echo Bay or thereabouts.
*June 23: From Echo Bay, Sunday we have an ebb til about 3pm, so we’ll make our way south in Rosario Strait, call the race outside of Peavine/Obstruction Pass, and end up at Spencer Spit for the night. Zodiac will host an all crews barbeque/potluck and awards ceremony on deck, providing main dish and beer/soda. Please plan on bringing something delicious to share.

What I need from you at this time is a “yay!!” or “nay...” or “maybe?" as to whether your boat and crew will be joining the festivities. You don’t have to race all three days, however, if you wish to be eligible for class prizes and the overall prize, you must participate fully. Reminder that the rules to this race are, 1) Have fun! 2) Don’t hit anyone or impede commercial traffic! 3) You must have a schooner rig to participate. 4) If you’re going to cheat, at least be creative!

If you plan to participate, please provide the following!
Your name:
Your schooner’s name:
Your best contact number and email (if this isn’t it):
Approximate number of folks on your crew:
Schooner’s waterline length and rig (staysail, gaff, hybrid, etc):
Want a burgee?
Want to be eligible for class prizes?

The burgee and prize orders have to go in by mid-April, so I’ll send out another reminder in early April.


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